Issue with installing IBM Installation Manager using Rapid Deploy

I have downloaded and installed Rapid Deploy on a Windows 2012 Server VM running in AWS. I am trying to install IBM Installation Manager followed by IBM HTTP Server using Rapid Deploy in this VM. I have followed the instructions found at this URL: When I run the Job to install the IBM Installation Manager, I am getting the following exception in the log and cannot understand from the log what needs to be fixed. Can I get some help in resolving the exception below ? Thanks.


Wed Dec 14 11:30:07 EST 2016 - Completed Successfully.

Local stream MD5 checksum is: b667aad8e6cb6a70c5b5711369a68b82

Start Retrieving Stream MD5 Checksum at:Wed Dec 14 11:30:07 EST 2016 Target Stream: c:\temp\ Host: Port: 20000
Remote stream MD5 checksum is b667aad8e6cb6a70c5b5711369a68b82
End Retrieving Stream MD5 Checksum at: Wed Dec 14 11:30:07 EST 2016 - Completed Successfully.

File Transfer, Starting file copy: C:/midvision/buildstore/
Start Remote copy check at:Wed Dec 14 11:30:13 EST 2016 Source: C:/midvision/buildstore/ Target: c:\temp\ Host: Port: 20000

Source and target files complete MD5 match, not copying:C:/midvision/buildstore/, sourceCkSum: 5e89eef759c35fc613983da5bc122f9c, targetCkSum: 5e89eef759c35fc613983da5bc122f9c

Start Remote Command at:Wed Dec 14 11:30:17 EST 2016

Command: definition=c:\temp\20161214112955377_midvision-deploy-orchestration.xml log4j=c:\temp\ name=INSTALLATION_MANAGER_INSTALL server=aws-linux-sudo-midvisionWASND environment=ibm application=InstallationManager deployFile=c:\temp\ taskflowLock=c:\temp\JOBID_16.lock
Port: 20000

2016-12-14 11:30:17,308 [RemoteInvocationHandler_99] DEBUG com.midvision.rapiddeploy.plugins.transport.remoting.server.RemoteInvocationHandler - Run the batch command in thread: 1073
2016-12-14 11:30:17,339 [RemoteInvocationHandler_99] DEBUG com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.AbstractJobRunner - prepareDefinitionFile
2016-12-14 11:30:17,341 [RemoteInvocationHandler_99] DEBUG com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.AbstractJobRunner - project [INSTALLATION_MANAGER_INSTALL] definition [c:\temp\20161214112955377_midvision-deploy-orchestration.xml] server [aws-linux-sudo-midvisionWASND] environment [ibm] application [InstallationManager]
2016-12-14 11:30:17,341 [RemoteInvocationHandler_99] DEBUG com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.AbstractJobRunner - deployFile [c:\temp\]
2016-12-14 11:30:17,343 [RemoteInvocationHandler_99] DEBUG com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.AbstractJobRunner - Looking package entry [data-dictionary.xml]
2016-12-14 11:30:21,230 [RemoteInvocationHandler_99] DEBUG - Delete FILE: a11efb47-a4d5-42e1-9360-0e09d3686b98
2016-12-14 11:30:21,230 [RemoteInvocationHandler_99] WARN  com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.AbstractJobRunner - Dictionary items can not be loaded or are empty.
2016-12-14 11:30:24,293 [RemoteInvocationHandler_99] FATAL com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.AbstractJobRunner - Processing Exception
java.lang.Exception: Could not find the Task [ com.midvision.rapiddeploy.orchestration.tasks.binary.InitialisationTask ].  Please verify that this task is present in the set of jar files included in this job, either in the orchestration jar or one of the plugin jars.  Check your projects selected plugins (plugin file transfer panel on the project main page or the classpath.xml).
    at com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.OrchestrationTaskListManager.getTaskForOrchestrationList(
    at com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.OrchestrationTaskListManager.prepareOrderedOrchestrationTaskList(
    at com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.AbstractJobRunner.initBatch(
    at com.midvision.rapiddeploy.domain.task.core.AbstractJobRunner._runBatch(
    at com.midvision.rapiddeploy.plugins.transport.remoting.server.JobRunner._main(
    at com.midvision.rapiddeploy.plugins.transport.remoting.server.JobRunner.main(

Vijay Bhadriraju
Vijay Bhadriraju
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Asked on 12/14/16, 5:52 PM

Hi Vijay,
This looks like, for some reason the IBM plugin jar is not copied to the target server.

  • Navigate to the Project -> General tab. 
  • Under the 'Plugin File Transfer' panel, make sure the 'rapiddeploy-core-plugins-ibm-iim.jar is selected. If it is not selected, highlight and click the 'right' arrow. If it is selected, deselect then reselect.
  • Save the project
  • Retry the deployment


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Answered on 12/19/16, 8:50 PM

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